Andria Maria Kounna is a media composer and orchestrator with a BA Degree in Music, from Lancaster University and a Masters Degree in Music Composition for Film and Television (MAFTV) from the University of Bristol.


She is currently working as a composer for TV series, TV and radio adverts, and theatrical plays.


Andria has composed the music and co-written the lyrics with Athos Antoniou for the song “Miracle is Everywhere” which was used as a theme song for a series of commercials named “Ten Families” written by Tony McHale (Sanctuary Films) used for a campaign of the charitable organization “Children with Cancer UK“.


Among others, Andria has composed music for trailers and pilots of Cyprus produced TV series as well as music for various TV and radio adverts, and has been an Award Winner for the Indie Gathering Film Scoring Competition 2017.


She has written music for various theatrical plays including the “Gaslight” directed by Iosif Vardakis and “Tres” directed by Edmond Nanushi.


As an orchestrator, Andria has orchestrated music for the show “Big Time Musicals” of Diastasis Cultural Association among many others.


She is the also the creator of the Music Library “GiraffeTunes” which is aiming to welcome many talented composers in the future.